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Why do restaurants need a dedicated app? Restaurants can watch this video to find out.
Ready to help restaurants increase revenue? See what our Android app serves up.
Want to add apps to your portfolio? Put Restaurant Menus on a branded iPhone app.
  • iPhone, Android, Blackberry Apps
    • Both web apps and native apps available
    • Web apps allow for customers "Googling" a restaurant to land on a fully functional restaurant app without forcing them to visit an app store first
    • Cover all major mobile platforms with a unified design and SaaS cloud management at a fraction of the price
  • In-App Ordering
    • Don't give a hungry end-user just a menu app - let them order right away!
    • No need to be selective - restaurants can promote their entire range with unlimited menus, modifiers and categories
    • Show off! Insert pictures and descriptions for each item
    • Supports advanced rules for items if needed - e.g. some for pickup only, some for delivery and some for dine in pre-order
  • In-App Table Reservations
    • No need to pay another service!
    • Multiple seating area support
    • Customize each seating area with a description, picture, time restrictions and allowed reservation size
    • Automatically confirm reservations with customers or have the restaurant confirm/reject
  • Multilingual Apps
    • Interface supports several languages
    • One app can have multiple versions in different languages
    • Several languages already available
    • Collaboration translation tool already in place for our partners to add new languages
    • Multi-language sites will automatically choose the right language based on browser preference and location
  • Support 1-100 Locations
    • Perfect for single restaurants or large chains
    • Each restaurant location can have separate menu items and prices available
    • Integrated mapping to quickly route the customer to the closest location
    • Permissions and granular access control can be set for each location
  • In-App eDiscounts
    • Increase customer loyalty and turn app-browsing to app-ordering
    • Unlimited online coupons that automatically drop off the app when they expire
    • Coupons are integrated to allow for a percentage or set amount to be applied to in-app orders
  • Blog/Events Section
    • Advertise upcoming deals or events
    • Don't pay for additional restaurant blogging services!
    • Can be used as a News/Updates section
  • Photo/Video Gallery
    • Post restaurant's promotional videos and pictures displayed in an attractive gallery format
    • Give customers a sense of the ambiance
    • Show the facilities that are available for special events
    • Post video reviews of happy customers
    • YouTube integration
  • Google Maps Integration
    • Allow customers to easily find the closest location
    • Restaurants can offer their customers automatic routing with turn by turn directions
    • Maps are automatically generated for each location
  • Social Media Integration
    • Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare and Yelp integration built-in
    • Allow customers to post reviews and create a buzz with their friends
    • Communicate with users via their favorite social media platform
  • Need more pages? No problem!
    • Add special menus, links to other sites, custom content and more
    • Customize the app sections to make it unique for each customer
    • Custom pages appear immediately in the app
  • Templates or a Custom App Design
    • Use our templates or create a custom app for your restaurant clients
    • Full access to the app's design
    • Easily add images, flash, javascript, etc.
    • Add a custom branded splashscreen to increase the wow factor
  • App Overview
  • In-App Ordering
  • Table Bookings
  • Language Support
  • Multiple Locations
  • eDiscounts
  • Blog/Events
  • Photo/Video Gallery
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media
  • Custom Pages
  • App Design